Van Hout has been a manufacturer of lumber since the early 1900's and is still providing the same top-quality product to today's global markets. Currently, our logs are procured from several regions around the world to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility in the production and delivery of high-end lumber. Choose from falling edge, square edge, boules and engineered lumber in African and European species.

  Boules Square Edge 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4
Bosse / X X     X
Iroko   X X     X
Khaya   X X     X
Larch   X X     X
  Makore / X X     X
  Moabi / X X     X
Mozambique   X X     X
  Pearwood X / X X X X
Sapele / X X     X
Sycamore X X X X X X
  Teak X X X X X X
  Walnut, European X / X     X
Wenge X X X     X
  Zebrano X X X     X

X = Readily Available
/ = Available Upon Request

Other thicknesses and special orders are upon request.