Over 100 Years of History

Service has been the cornerstone of our operations since we were founded over a century ago. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the products our customers want, manufactured to their precise specifications and delivered on time with all required documentation. We form close working relationships with our customers, and work hard to understand their unique and evolving needs. Our logistics services teams are the most responsive in the industry, always ready with answers to our customers' delivery, scheduling, transport and invoicing questions.

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In 1908, the Van Hout brothers founded a clog-making factory. The business grew rapidly and soon they were able to purchase their first machines, and in 1913, Van Hout began producing sawn lumber.

1940 Bombing during World War II caused enough damage to the Mill, Netherlands facility that it had to be completely rebuilt. Within a year of its destruction, however, the factory was up and running again.

The second Van Hout generation began the production of rotary veneers, and in 1950, a slicing department was created.

This was a period of expansion for the company as it took on an international character.

In 1971, the plywood department was founded, and the company became a highly versatile, well-recognized supplier to the international wood processing industry.

Following a string of successes on the international markets, a sales branch was set up in Indiana in 1993. Over the past 10 years, Van Hout USA has become a highly successful company and a leader in sliced veneers - particularly in the luxury segment.

The 1990's - the decade of globalization - saw Van Hout undertake a variety of international projects, the first of which was a rotary veneers factory in Libreville, Gabon.

In 2003, Van Hout Asia was founded and a cooperative venture in the Ukraine was launched.

In 2006, Van Hout celebrated the opening of their new USA facility. In addition, Van Hout partnered with France Noyer to introduce Okoume Crotch.

In 2008, Van Hout marked its centennial anniversary - 100 years and still going strong!

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